View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Goin' Outside to Eat Some Worms!

Wonderful Worms at the Botanical Gardens

We had a wonderful time at a homeschool gathering today at the Botanical Gardens, Hobart.
Thanks to our lovely host, Miriam (who's blog is in my faves list). It was one of the educational experiences that the Botanical Gardens host, and we get to do it as a homeschool group!

Below: peeking into the children's world of wonder under the canopy of a wonderful tree. Who doesn't hug trees? I'm a proud tree hugger, and feel quite reverent around them.

Below: our very own resident tree hugging elves.
Exploring the gardens the children were introduced to how trees reproduce, what a worm's role in the garden is, how to respect mother nature, and appreciating the world around them. Labyrinth as always, collected enthusiatically, as did the boys, and now we have a lot of leaves, seed pods, cones to work with in craft over the next week or so.

Below: Raven was quite taken by the Chinese Lion statues. If only he could remember in ChinaTown, in Brisbane Valley, where we watched the Lion Dancers (like the dragons) how the danced and hopped up on stilts. Then there was the fireworks. Tasmania is way too slow, unfortunately, but I love it for other reasons.

Above the woman who led the learning experience talks to uninterested children. I mean come on, there were worms on the table to play with! What beats that? Hands on experience.

Here is Labyrinth looking so pretty, holding out a small portion of what we have brought home.Young Monika. Isn't she just so beautiful? Her enthusiasm about being around other children was lovely.
One of the delights of being around nature: as soon as the children cleared out of this area the Rosella pair came in because the children had stirred it all up, in search of food I have no doubt.
Below, drawings of their experience of worms today:

1. Raven 2. Dante 3. Labyrinth 4. Kai

Random art from today: Kai's army, Rabbit lose in the carrot patch by Labyrinth, A School of Fish by Dante, and last but by no means least is Labyrinth's impression of "Whispers of the Heart" by Studio Ghibli. We recently acquired a copy, and it's all she wants to watch. I appreciate she has good taste, but I'll be soon stir crazy about the song "Country Roads". Stand out moment from the movie for myself is the line in reference as to why the fat cat is called Moon, "just look at him" and its a shot of his bum! I laughed at that so hard!

Nighty Night, Sweet Heart, Q.

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