View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adventures in Aqua Culture (A Comedie of Errors)

We decided that it was time to do the pay for the fish you catch, just to make sure the kids could actually land a fish or two. Well, that was the intention anyway. As they say, the road to hell is pathed with good intentions :D

Well this is how it went. We drove for nearly an hour and a half, some of this time was dedicated to actually going the wrong way (or so we thought) so we double backed and decided to try again following the signs. I think we got lost twice. If we had of kept going less than 5 minutes we would have found the turn off (roll eyes). So that added time to the journey, on a rough dirt road with whinging whining children (the darlings). So, we actually found the place.

Then we had gotten all our gear ready, buckets, rods (we actually have a cute little rod which is minature of an adults that works!), and paraphenalia, and started on our little adventure. It was so sweet! The children's area was three small ponds, perfect with Raven's minature fishing rod. (We overshot the mark a few times onto the other bank). Dante landed a trout almost immediately, it was an OK size, he was pleased. Then it was Raven's turn, he with a little help from Mum, landed a bigger fish, and he was so proud! Then I began to help Labryinth to catch one, but even though they were jumping out of the water she was just too impatient and kept losing them. While this was going on, Andrew had the boys fishing in another area, and Kai landed Fish no 3, the biggest of them all!

I gave up on Labyrinth, or rather defered to Andrew's experience and expertise and allowed him to try and show her. It remained unsucessful with her. I then hooked a fish of my own only to have it free itself from my line, (oops!)

I happened to be watching over Kai, Raven and Monika soon after, when the real adventure began!

Raven, being the curious boy he is, decided to try catching a fish by hand, I only had my eyes of him for a few seconds and PLOP! He's in! So I hop in to save him from drowning and I'm submerged up to my waist! So we walk, embarressed and unimpressed back to the car while the others continue to fish. My shoes were sodden, and so was I. Poor Raven though, was completely dripping wet! And he lost his favourite gumboot with Thomas the Tank Engine on it!

It got better when they all came back. No one had been able to catch any more fish, and Labyrinth was very down on herself because she didn't catch any fish. Andrew was able to laugh though, and called the day a comedy of errors and no one was seriously hurt so we were OK. Did I mention there was no change of clothes for me or trousers/shorts for Raven??? So I was partly naked as well. He has been so down I was lucky this happened today and not yesterday or the day before!!! Mental illness is certainly not fun.

So, come what may. I'm happy and relieved that Raven is still with us to fight another day. This is the second near death experience for him, last time involved a speeding car and his runaway antics. I really need to keep a firm eye on him! That was last August, and I was heavily depressed having a super bad pregnancy.

Well, I guess I love my kids more than my pride/dignity whatever. I hope we will be safer next time.

Signing off today, Q.

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Angyles said...

At least you had a good time, which is the main thing...:-D