View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting Organised, Going Insane

Yes, its that time of year again! I'm rearranging my whole house because I want a fresh start. Before I had children that usually meant moving house, I did it very nearly every 6 months, yes sounds unstable but it very nearly drives me crazy not to. My hubby likes to stay put. We've been in the same house now for 18 months, but we have lived in a house for 2 years. So instead of moving I rearrange, sort out, toss out the unessentials and generally it helps to make me feel like I'm losing alot of unneeded baggage.

I now have my hubbies old desk, much bigger with lots of shelves, plus another table right next to it I use for scrapbooking. Its nearly sorted out and we started yesterday, tommorrow the bedrooms and then the next day the rest of the house. It clears the mind, it really does. Plus it helps to keep things managable when you have so much time with young children under one roof that you are totally responsible for (in a sense). They have much more autonomy than either my hubby or I had when we were being brought up. Most importantly they have the right to choose to learn exactly what interests them at the time.

Its a crazy time in our house, we are acting like we are moving and being unsettled a little in the process. My toddler and baby seem to be quite disturbed I'm not spending the same quality time with them as I usually do because I'm so busy (I like to get it all done in one go if I can so its done and we can get on with life!) So I get a bit of the guilts about it but realise, hey! I've achieved SOOO much I should be proud and a few days out of the lives of my children will not hurt them at all, but probably do them good (I still am spending some time with them, just not enough!)

I have all the new books for the children, labelled and ready. We are using real art diaries this year as journalling (make it real), and when we go on excersions we have clipboards we can just paste in the drawings/writing etc they do there. We all scrap together, we also have writing books they can write whatever they want in (practice really). They are going to have their own pencil cases this year too, and own scissors etc so they don't have to steal mine all the time! And my daughter has a real digital camera so she's madly been taking photos (some quite good) that we'll print up for scrapping.

It feels good, not quite finished our study/library area yet, but only a few more hours...

Sooo excited to get on with it, I'm afraid thats going to be it for now!

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Kathryn said...

Hi Ana
Saw your post on secular homeschooling and decided to pop over and check out your blog. I too love to rearrange the house - would move again but hubby and boys forbid it!! Will be checking in again - love the start to your blog - hurrah!