View From My House

View From My House

Monday, January 21, 2008

So Close it hurts!

Nearly done! Still breaking it up to go fishing and playing etc, but getting it done.

Yesterday was great, the children really enjoyed exploring the beach and rocks, found seaweed, shells, mother of pearl and various creatures like shrimps while Andrew and I fished. We made it an evening of it and ate at the park nearby as well. This is the life! The children also threw rocks into the water (Ok not ideal but it is what they wanted to do for a while).

Raven was even able to find me in the female toilets! By calling and responding. That's an achievement for him, even if it isn't the best place.

Andrew did have a bad day yesterday. He's been very depressed. Its sometimes very difficult to understand, but we still ended up enjoying our night out (even though it was suppose to be a day out). He is also going through something that has to do with his past so that isn't helping at all.

We also made a decision to take all the children out of care once and for all. They went twice a week last year to a veteran homeschooler's family day care centre, so it was very much a rich learning environment for them there. We thought we needed the distance from them (because of Andrew's condition), but during the holiday's we found even when he was depressed/manic, we didn't really need that time at all. Plus the days coincide with varying homeschooling meets with other groups. So it had to go!

Its going to be their very last day next monday, so they can have a good-bye party. I feel a bit sad about it but I am looking forward to a more smooth and better homeschooling year this year.

We begin some educating tommorrow, like reading/writing/gardening etc. Rehauling the house took more time than I liked, but we're so organised I feel fantastic about it! YAY!

Well, until tommorrow then.

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