View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, January 27, 2008

And now for something a little different

I've been checking out other peoples blogs, and I like what I've seen. It's quite interesting, and sometimes quite a bit challanging or insightful.

Not been doing any "schooling" as such, but we've been getting things done. It's taking longer than I'd like but... the flip side is its going to be so much better :)

My baby acara's are now nearly big enough to give them to new owners, YAY! Then I can fill it up with other kinds of fish. What a concept! I have two angels and a bristlenose catfish in there but I can start thinking about a few other types of fishies now.

Well the world has spun on its axis just one more time, and I know something I didn't know yesterday. My hubby is happy, more content than he has been before. I knew he doted on Monika (baby), but its much deeper than that and that's so great.

We're all a little sick. We've had a parasite a protozoan much like it's cousin Giardia. It sucks, it's made us all unwell with diahrea, stomach cramps and fatigue. Now we're on the medication for it which has given us the same symptoms plus one, nausea. Funny, isn't it? Not really, but I've heard of people having worse side effects, and we're only half way through. I am starting to feel more well now though. We've cut down the children's dosage to only twice a day too, as they really have been a bit off from it. But since I eat muesli and yogurt and fruit for brekkie daily (and they usually have milo or wheat bix by choice) I think I might have an advantage.

Well signing off. Monika demands attention. She's such a smart little girl.

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