View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So we've started more sorting!

We decided to move the study around more, otherwise we'd have been finished by now, but that means the entire place will have been overhauled by the time we're done. Unfortunately the children won't be acessing the net from their computers for over a month (they'll have to go wireless), so it will be on Andrew's and my computer they will have to use for that. Its been worse so it shouldn't hurt too much... :(

Actually started reading with the children again, or rather, they've been reading to me and anyone else who walks through our front door! We also had an impromptu spelling lesson, it was suppose to be a reminder of sounds instead of names of the alphabet, but it kinda morphed. Which is one of the things I like about homeschooling, its flexible and organic and dynamic!
They have been putting the pressure on to start learning again (of course other children are madly enjoying their holidays and freedom - such as it is, but my children would rather start learning again, they already enjoy that kind of freedom and obviously enjoy learning as well.) Sweet as!

Yesterday we had an old friend visit, actually an old friends dad but I get along well with him. He's actually a principal of a primary school (and before that high school for some 30 years) and he was curious about our homeschooling, our methods, the why's and the how much they've progressed etc. It wasn't intimidating it was great to explain and actually have him reaffirm that we're doing a great job. Labyrinth read him books (way way to easy for her but she chose them so...). She read very fluently though and put emphasis after the exclamation marks so I was really proud of her.

Dante showcased his artwork to him (that is a strong point for him he's lightyears ahead of his peers there). All of this initiated by the children, and of course, Anka's interest in what they had to say and do. Raven was even not shy enough to repeat the 1-5 numbers in spanish (he's so muscial that he's learn everything like that by song - english alphabet phonetically and by name, numbers up to twenty in english and up to 5 in Spanish, he's been able to do the alphabet since he was 1 and 1/2!) That's obviously the key to his ability to learn!

Kai wasn't interested, so he just watched TV, which is fine by me! We'd done Jounalling that morning about the wonderful adventures we've been having fairly regularly. (So that's reading, writing and art). Plus spent a fair amount of time doing the study (obviously) and later on we ate our dinner outside and did a few ends of archery (we all did), and the children played on the swing set and jumped on the trampline, and rode their bikes, and Monika played like an angel the whole time on a blanket. She's quite quick, she'll be crawling before long.

And for some ground breaking news (for our family anyway), we will be buying a Siberian Husky baby tommorrow, so that is another baby in the family, but we're all prepared for it and we are well aware of it's needs and have prepared well for it. Of course we've researched very well and we're confident well be good Alpha parents to him. The hard part is giving him a name! I better post pics soon.

Enjoy life!

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