View From My House

View From My House

Monday, January 28, 2008

Parasites are the PITS!

Been suffering these little buggers for way too long! We've all had the horrible cat. 2 antibiotics and none of us are the best now. Very sore and sick! Funny how the symptoms are now the side effects of the drugs! Our last day, today!

We might feel 100% after this. I really really hope so. I cannot remember the last time I was normal, must have gotten them while I was pregnant with Monika. Raven has now been treated twice. Given the kids no lessons because they are simply not up to it.

Found a really cool site though for large families, a forum called which seems in it's infancy, but looks like it may take off! Another forum I often frequent is the Tasmanian Cichlid Scene, while I do like Cichlids, I LOVE anabatids. But currently have only cichlids, lots of baby acara's, and two baby angels with a bristlenose. I do have a black ghost knife to call my own, but I do have a few anabatids - a betta boy and a betta girly and a blue gourami. I think anabatids are pretty special, they can breathe air for using a unique evolutionary device they alone have developed - a Labryinth organ. So they can survive long periods away from water as long as they remain damp. Which is a good thing as betta splendons have been known to jump from their prisons (ie small torture chambers). I like to keep them in a community because to me they are happier that way.

Cheers all, Q.

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