View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pocket Money, disappointment and a wonderful day!

Well, first thing this morn we were meant to pick up our husky puppy, but the people had already sold him. The children were very disappointed. So were we, honestly, but I thought I'd prefer to get one from a more reputable breeder anyway (with papers). So, that was that really. Some people!

So, the children got extra pocket money and we got some homeschool resources instead. We brought the cutest minature real working fishing rod which is perfect for Raven! We have a Thomas learn to tell the time train (if you put the hour/minute in the right places Thomas goes for a circuit). We got some resources on the human body, and some other books. Dante finally got the toy he's been hankering for - Dinosaur Explorer. Kai, more magnetix for his collection. Labyrinth got the DVD of Bratz babyz superheroes (not the best really, but its what she wanted!) and a Bratz activity book, at least that's educational.

Andrew brought some good quality arrows. We spent quite sometime outside trying it out. Labyrinth was doing well with her bike riding (shes got it down pat now) and we looked at some bikes for Dante (for his birthday). They got to play at both Hungry Jacks and Macdonalds and we ate at Macca's too. The kids like it there and there are a few options I don't mind there, such as salads and Turkey rolls etc. I liked their Chai teas in winter too... mmmm

We'll be going fishing tommorrow, and exploring the rock pools at the beach. Looking forward to it!

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