View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still Nutty, but getting Sweeter

We've now gotten to the stage that we've nearly been through every little thing in our house. Its a good feeling. I think by Monday we will be well sorted. We've even given away a new TV.
(Free Cycle). If you don't know what free cycle is I will let you in on a little secret, its all about giving and recieving, if you no longer need something give it away! If you do, you may well recieve it.

Which is what has happened to use today. We've given a TV and gotten a nearly new dishwasher in return (no, not a child!) I've really been wanting one for some time now, it will make life a bit easier, less work more learning and much more fun!

Besides working out selves to sleep every night, we've also had a family BBQ, and did some fishing. Its not all just hard work! But its very rewarding not having to wade through rooms of clothes anymore because they have been rearranged and sorted into clothes the children can actually wear now (as opposed to what they've outgrown, and they do that so quickly!)

On the homeschool front we've devised a cunning plan. We've invested in a laminator which we've put to good use, we've got a blank fortnight and lots of laminated words that say such things as "reading", "maths", "family outings", "fish tank maintenance" etc that we'll stick on the times/days we actually did that kind of learning formal or not (we do formally teach the basics). I hope it works. I'm going to scrap book those fortnights and make a pocket for the little words. We've also put together a chart for "brownie points" where the children will earn their tokens to put onto the chart for the fortnight, and they can cash them in for money or treats. The "tokens" are made up of images of things the individual child is known for or has an interest in, for example, Labryinth loves cats and horses, Dante has sharks of differing varieties, Kai has army vehicles and Raven has Ravens and musical notes.

I also got into University of New England doing a bachelor degree in Communications. Yes, I lead a busy but fruitful lifestyle.

Lately we've had some trouble from the children next door throwing rocks and abuse at our kids. Some of which stems from the fact they are homeschooled. Its the only thing not to like about living in the area I do... The views are wonderful we have a big back yard, we have a small but functional space, and we love things like the dolphins who cruise past in spring and summer, and the black swans who live in the river down from our house. We have been taking special note of the cygnets, and how they've grown and how they are changing. Whats not to love about that? But the kids next door get on my pip a bit. They seem to think they need someone to pick on to be happy and that is sad. I also don't want my children getting hurt either, of course!

O'well, baby Monika is demanding I give her a drink, so off I go... until next time adieu.

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