View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Young Raven turns Four!

One of my babies had a birthday today, young Raven swooped in to score his fourth year and had a happy, happy birthday! Since his favourite colour is pink, and he loves dinos, that's exactly what birthday cake he got:

As mentioned a few times before, birthdays aren't just special for the birthday child, its for every child in the family, as the birthday child gives a present to each sibling. This year Raven gave out a small bubble bottle and a beanie bear each. So, from left to right in the group shot above, Kai has a Tassie Devil, Raven has his 'dino' big beanie (really Lizzie the Lizard or some such - can't check he's cuddling right now), Labyrinth's pink angel, Dante has a shark and Monika for a rare moment has both her bears - her most loved Red Panda and her new pink dino bear. When she was given the bear she had a strange look on her face, later she threw it down on the floor "Don't want it!" and reclaimed her Red Panda and dragged it around everywhere and refused until this photo right before bed to have any more to do with it (but she is clutching her baby 'iego, as she calls her Red Panda). Labyrinth and Raven also have other Beanie Bears - Raven has T'Rex and Labyrinth has her "Ghost Rider".
Funny little story earlier today: I was getting Raven to get his siblings gifts ready, (he was stickering thier bubble bottles and writing the first letter of their names onto a sticker tag and sticking them to the Beanie Bears). He took keen interest in Monika's bear (two of his fave things as proved by above cake and smile). I tell him, that no, it's not his that he will be giving it to Monika soon, and he looks up at me excitedly and exclaims, "ohhh, Monika's bear will by my T'Rex's girlfriend! We can play!!!" He's such a sweetie. He also didn't need reminding how to shape the M letter, he just went ahead and wrote it. I've never taught him any writing ever, and when I asked the children later if thier child carer teaches them how to write they told me she never does anything like that, so that's a WOW moment for me.
So for the next part Presents! Nanny and Poppy came over (my parents), and in a lovely Diego present bag had a new pair of Victorianox army pants, a colour in book, chocolate (I've never known my mum not to bestow such treats), and two new toon DVDs. Then he gave out his presents to his siblings, then drum roll please. He got the above big Beanie, a colour etch-a-sketch, and lots of activity books/roll of thick cartridge paper - 50 sheets/more art paper/a pencil case full of arty stuff for a young man including glue/sticky tape as well as the usual drawing pencils etc, and for the encore... a DACS as pictured above. Or in other words a Digital Arts Creative Studio. Basically the preschool version of a tablet and photoshop. He already has his head around it and he LOVES it. It was the greatest thing to come along at the perfect moment at the Big W toy sale... just in time for his birthday and the not so brilliant part... we thought we'd gotten him the most amazing bonus, another disc that adds in, dinosaur. Unfortunately it already came with it and I'll have to take it back and worst of all they are all sold out of any others! A Diego would have been SOOO perfect, I'll have to hunt it down off no doubt.
Other than that he had a birthday party lunch, a trip to the movies with Daddy by himself to see Ice Age 3 which again is fortuitous as it included dinosaurs. All of the children with the exception of surprise, surprise, Monika (but she had just sat through another session of Coraline). Topped off with a movie with Roast Chicken and Home Made Chips, as per requested by Raven, singing a condensed version of his favourit book (Sipping Spiders Through Straws)... made him the happiest boy I've seen in a long, long time.
It's nice not to hear, "I won't/can't eat that mommy, it makes me sick/yucky/tired" and just have smiles and cuddles and laugther from him all day. That's the bit I liked the most about today, as opposed to what happened on Monday.
I hope all is well in your world. Q.

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