View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Changing Our Stars

As previously mentioned, we are hoping to buy a block of land and build our own home. This was a far off dream that was years away, putting our savings away for some years and fulfilling our dream.

Well, this has taken an unexpected turn for I have finally convinced Andrew that waiting may not be the best policy, considering all the bits and bobs available for the FHO right now. So, we'll be doing some radical changes, probably living in a tent to save and doing it sooner. With this in mind we have moved some of our stuff from objects to money, and buying things the children won't be requiring a powerpoint to enjoy, like hand held games etc.

I still don't understand solar power, but we'll get one or two hot water systems for hot water, buy nature loos that don't require plumbing at all and are good for composting and trying to figure out cheap building options. We've decided on getting as much recycled, reclaimed and renewable items as possible.

Now I wouldn't say we're exactly the model green family, my motivations are to go earth friendly as possible, using a grey water system, harvesting our own water and providing our own solar power needs, and relying on passive solar and thermal heating in as far as that goes. Some of my motivation relies on self-sufficiency, self-reliability (growing our own fruit, nuts and vegetables, having laying chickens/turkeys etc for eggs and meat, keeping sheep or goats or both for milk (dairy intolerance and how much space a cow takes up does heavily weigh on this decision), cheese, fetta, and a hive or two for honey (inspired by the woman from my blogroll living the good life etc) ... and some of my motivation is probably a bit selfish, I'd rather have more money in pocket that giving it away to someone else for things I can provide my family myself with a bit of ingenuity, intelligence and good old back breaking hard work.

We'd also love a husky, lots of yummy cosy cats, a reptile or two (prefer a mountain dragon to a python, I think I've finally convinced Dante that is best) and most likely not birds. Though I love them I don't think I'd like to keep them for two reasons 1. Its a bit cruel not to be free when you can fly so far and 2. They are bl**dy messy!

These things are limited by where you live and how much space you have to call your own. Ideally we want at least 2.5 acres or so, and I like the idea of a food forest, the kind of place that is self-sufficient in itself, in that it self-waters. its weed-repressing, and its self supporting by nature.

Obviously this will take time and money, but by heck it will be worth it - financially, emotionally, educationally and most importantly I guess I'm a hippy at heart and I think I belong in the country where my head might not spin quite so much. I want it to be a haven, a place the children will wish to return to after they leave the nest as they may view it as a peaceful soulful and restful santuary, that's certainly my wish.

So we're taking donations... only JOKING! I just wish I could hurry things along a bit and get a piece of land to call my own, things will fall into place after that, I'm sure (as the way we'll be doing it will be quite cost effective. More on this later.

Adieu, Q.


A Frugal Welcome... said...

Are you still planning on staying in Tassie or moving to the Mainland in order to fulfill this dream?

And are you both still planning on being stay at home parents or do you plan to work outside the home?

Been following you for awhile, just not commenting.

Good luck.

Quasior (A. Harris) said...

I am very happy to get comments and to find that there are people who find what we do interesting!

Fistly, we plan going rural Victoria, as if we move fast enough we might be able to get the bonuses that got to FHOG... I'd probably prefer Tassie as I know it's climate and how to work around it. At the same time to have some access to Melbourne and homeschoolers and shopping up there would be fantastic!

Secondly, I would be happy to work to just get the money together to just get started, but the main aim is to get self-sufficient and still maintain the ethics we believe in now we're established as homeschoolers. Just could never put them back into such an unfulfilling environment. If we were to get some kind of employment, it would be self provided again, either pursuing my dream of writing,or using the land to grow particular types of food or produce honey to sell. Nothing that would compromise our values.

Thanks for your good will, sometimes it does seem a little overwhelming!