View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a quick update and some art...

First up is Dante's Dragon and next is Labyrinths The Flower and the Butterfly. Dante's was just so good I had to blog it, and Labyrinth's is pretty but that isn't the only reason, it's the type of art she draws for her psychiatrist, is it any wonder he has no clue about her? He probably thinks we are just panic mongering, argh!
Other things on my mind: Just starting to get things in boxes, cleaning the place up in anticipation of making life a bit simpler before we move. That and Tuesday was another day with their carer, so unfortuately no lessons. Sometimes its hard not to resent those two days of lost lessons but they are good (but rarely necessary) breaks. Sometimes its good to be able to put gifts on layby etc so they are unawares, and somtimes a break means I can do my various projects (but Andrew and I are both good for that kind of thing for each other (but still, once in a while it can be good to be just by ourselves... again a rarity as the carer likes to take them out a lot and can't legally take the fifth child...)
Our savings are just under $4500, thanks to the Family Tax Benefit Supplement. Although the green fridge and the eco friendly Sony Bravia TV's looked good, those will be great to get once the house is built. Andrew and I had a disagreement about that actually. I thought he wanted to put the move off for another few years (confused! We sold the big fish tank etc) rather than a few months (the quicker we have the land the larger the grant, naturally). We will do this without a bank loan and construct the house piece by piece, fortnight by fortnight if necessary, but with any luck we might be able to secure a loan and get a larger slice of grant, but really... how much will be offset by the interest we pay?

Off to see a friend who is doing living the dream with any luck on Monday, composting loos and all that, to see how it's working out for them! That is all really, Q.


A Frugal Welcome... said...

I'm confused by how you're going to fund the move/land/build etc?

When you say grant, which grant in particular are you referring to?

You then say you will do this without a bank loan but then go on to say you might be able to secure a loan?

I'm confused!

Quasior (A. Harris) said...

Well we're looking into all possibilities better without loan
vic rural FHOG bonus
and saving lots all the time
what we are able to do and what we do may be two different things

and how we plan to do it is very cleverly