View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Daytrip to Orford and Pizza Night!

Beautiful Orford, and the first beach Labyrinth ever sat foot on, first beach she was taken to to swim at, and the first and only time she was aftraid of the water! She was just an early walking baby at the time... today had some business attached to it though. We got a whole heap of packing boxes given to us from a fellow free cycler. Thanks goes out to that woman and it will probably take everything we plan on taking with us to Victoria . YAY.
Raven running. Could not believe how many of the little black buggers we seen as we travelled up, but only one on the way back. Omninous or just thier feeding times? Below is little Monika, of course, having a great time.
Kai getting into it!
Dante looks comfortable, don't you think???
Monika loves getting amongst it.... she's an adventerous 1 year old, or 22 month old, whatever your take. She loves sliding too... which had me surprised as she didn't want to today, it was a manipulation thing with another girl around her age, me thinkest.
Firstly the Gluten Free Pizzas... you can get a real feel for how big they are, but how tasty? That is one thing you'd have to try on for yourself. Same again, pizza bases from the LifeStyle Bakery. Hey they should start sponsering me.
They all made their own tonight... Labyrinth decided to be different and make herself a pizza parcel... She ate this and asked for more!
Dante only ate half but he wanted to make it look artsy, so the main ingredients are around the owls eyes...
Poor Kai... he ended up being sick from travelling sickness in the car so didn't eat as much as he usually does. I think he liked the fact he didn't have to do anything once he got home though, just do his own thing on the couch.
Raven eating his little creation! He's getting to be a bit cheeky lately... born stirrer.
Even Monika got her own pizza (helped by Daddy to make).

And tomorrow is Kai's 7th birthday, yeah they nearly all happen at once around here, four in 3 months! Generally a poor time. Its cute though how Monika finds it a little bewildering!

I'm off to relax now as I am tired, Q.

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