View From My House

View From My House

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Toys, savings and comprimises

Our newest acquisitions, a limited edition PSP3000 to apease Andrew, a new Sony CyberShot, which is to improoove my photograpy with this blog in mind and scrapbooking too. Andrew actually had to talk me into it and told me it was important for me to get something simple as my shots were never the best, and I am so glad he did, it is true, I don't have the best eyesight (astigmatism) and it is for my readers enjoyment as much as my own, plus I don't wish to be trying to figure out shots when they need to be taken asap (so many opportunities lost, and while we endeavour to get our new home built this will be definitive to our story! With this in mind I agreed. Also above is Little Monika's new potty. It has a shell lid too for Raven (yep he still needs to be helped onto the toilet (he's 4! but so small)... and later for Monika. Below is a few shots taken with the new camera, aren't they great? Sigh....

Also put on ACDSEE Pro so I can hasten my conversions to upload (oh, i'd forgotten that joy, done in such a tiny amount of time!)
The comprimise of getting the expensive items (Andrew had to pursuade me), was for the road and the long time between having all of our stuff accessable while we wait and while we build.) Part of the pursuading that took part was we now have $150 savings as of today (stupidly I thought we had over $600)...(OH, I know it ain't much, but by mid next month it will be around the $4000 dollar mark.) Secondly, we'll be putting at least $500 into savings from now on each fortnight, and thirdly and most importantly, Andrew has finally agreed to look into what I've been telling him (and him dreading as he didn't understand) how we can get this off the ground so much faster by ... you guessed it.... living in a tent for up to a few months then into a caravan we own. We could be putting away $1500 a fortnight plus, and seeing some beautiful places like national parks along the way and having a very relaxed wait.
Ideally we could pick up some work here and there like seasonal fruit picking too. Anyone got any other ideas? Work offers? Anything?
Tomorrow is a trip up the east coast for a picnic and to pick up all the packing boxes we need (hopefully)...Q


A Frugal Welcome... said...

It's good to read that you're making plans for your big move and the sacrifices you're willing to make in order to secure your family a better future but I do have a question.

If neither of you work, how on earth do you manged to put away $500 a fortnight or the proposed $1500 a fortnight?

Quasior (A. Harris) said...

Hi Frugal,
by being frugal (the $500 pf), cutting our food bill down to $150 (possible we've done it before it just isn't as varied as we like it)
and I already stopped paying for cleaners...scaling back on our broadband, not going out much will do the trick.
The $1500 is a radical move, we'll be living in a tent, that will mostly be food and petrol we'll be spending....and doing things like recharging all our batteries while we drive about and such.

A Frugal Welcome... said...

I think my question wasn't clear enough (my mistake not yours!). I suppose it makes me question how much financial assistance you receive from the government if it enables you to save $1500 a fortnight, even $500 a fortnight is more than most working families would be able to save in a month no matter a fortnight!

Quasior (A. Harris) said...

both on pensions plus five children (carer/disabled), also studying uni, all adds up...