View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photos & Art

Here we have Dante's pictures from today and yesterday, above his fish, below his bird.
And below is Kai's asian mountain home and para troops...
And Raven's fish... puffer/heart fish/elephant fish. He told us that and it is obvious once we were told, but I did initially think it was people.
Some photos: Kai, Raven, Monika and Andrew, 3 youngest and dad, group shot of the children outside HJs, Dante, Monika and Labyrinth...

Sometimes its hard to shift Andrew out of bed, which means having to either go without lunch or do as we did today... no not eat at HJs, we just get their free refills and grabbed a parcel of chips from across the road. They don't ever seem to mind. They got a good play too.

Also today we went and did pricing for building materials from Bunnings. I know it isn't the rock bottom cheapest place but its there to give us a good ball point figure (and hopefully save even more). We're certainly not against 2nds and 2nd hand building materials, and using what we can provide ourselves. We are bringing this to a bank too, costings and so forth, to get our little project off the ground much faster.

We also trialled so called Awesome Water for a week. It just didn't taste great and if I'm paying for it - it should! So, we will send it back... Also discovered FaceBook and spent far too long on it. Its a great thing but too addictive. Also reading Diana Wynne Jones House of Many Ways...a third installment to the Howls Moving Castle series. Now time to sit back and enjoy my cuppa chai tea and chill after a busy day (after I got Andrew motivated.)

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