View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Kai!

Yes, it's the season for birthdays... and everything was cut down alot in order to afford his big present, the Resistance Retribution PSP pack... (we didn't have an activity like a family trip to the movies - that doesn't happen... although he did want to go for a laser skirmish or Zone3 activity, again, this couldn't happen... and the other toys given out were quite small really)

Young Monika above with her new Baby Bratz boy (picked up for $5 at toy world)... and she loves it, I was so happy because I wasn't at all sure how she'd take it?
Dante, Raven and Kai all recieved the smallest transformers, this is intended to be both practical and ensure they'd want to play with each other.
Labyirnth got a Littlest Petshop Pet, its a badger.
Kai recieving a gift from the only grandparents he gets to see/have anything to do with as we're estranged from the others. Reasons too personal to disclose.
Birthday party and cake time, with Nan and Poppy, the cake is an army scene meant to 'replicate' the Retribution games ... army mad boy, but he loves yellow and cuddles and he's not violent or harsh, just a great child really, just his interests lie in a place I don't understand, but I accept that it's just him.

That was how we spent the day, just relaxing and slowed right down to just enjoy it. We didn't actually even have a new DVD or anything for him to play with, the only other thing that was special was we all had a steak each for tea, under $7.. Y Bone. Even so, we all had a great time, no one was stressed or rushed and we didn't have to pander to any one elses needs, and Kai went into his birthday fully aware that if he got this PSP that there would be very little else, and a very small christmas indeed. However on the upside, he's got it now and with all our future intentions it will be great during the time we don't have access to the majority of our things and the probable lack of electricity. Anyways, it has to be short today as so much is happening! Q.

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