View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today was FANTASTIC!

Taking advantage of feeling really good today, we spent the day really productively. The children created the above... Labryinth's SackGirl is the top most, followed by Raven's Rabbit, Dante's Komodo Dragon, Kai's Elmer Goes To War and Velvet Art by Monika.
They all enjoyed painting their soon to be models, Dante and Raven even used a real airbrush... We watched the Documentary Planet Earth: Caves (BluRay of course)... even Monika enjoyed watching it... then Kai demanded I let him read to me. SO that meant everyone wanted to read to me so that was great. They are all KEEN to read, and they all are reading beautifully. Sometimes catch Labryinth in the right moment and she reads so well. Usually in the evenings... hey wait, we could be onto something there... MY BRAIN doesn't kick in til evening then I'm up til after midnight or beyond. I can't make it work somedays - but thats really part of my other blog. It's not an easy thing.
Anyways, a great day, relaxed and lovely. Soo happy. And I find I'm happier without my happy pills??? Yeah, I realised when I went to take them today that I'd skipped last nights. Maybe, just maybe because I'm getting better I no longer need 'em. Can only hope. If I'm the proverbial zombie tomorrow I'll have a big clue.

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