View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finishing off our Life in the Undergrowth unit

We watched the last of Life in the Undergrowth: SuperSocieties. It was fascinating. Here is an example of the work we did, putting words into alphabetical order. We also did math and science work as well. The next set of documentaries is entitled Private Life of Plants. I've actually seen some of these on TV and found them quite interesting, but looking at the amount of episodes dedicated to our planet's plantlife and weighing up keeping the children interested throughout all of it - plus I'll be making the unit worksheets/activities/lessons to accompany I'm thinking I've got my doubts. I mean it's not quite the volume of work that birds/mammals will be but I am confident I'll be able to keep them interested in that. We'll we will see... I intend to do practical work with them (ie we're about to put in a vege garden and we have roses/jasmine/tomato plants already going - oh and lady finger banannas. So I guess I'll have to be creative about how we go about our next adventure to keep up their enthusiasm and interest. Wish me luck.

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