View From My House

View From My House

Friday, April 17, 2009

Art Day

Above and Below: Monika's learning fine motor control, plus she has a good time being 'just like the big kids'.

Below: Kai drew a face. He wasn't really interested in doing much today but I was glad he finally drew something, and it's cute to boot.

Dante Above and Below: Another great love of his - Dinosaurs! RRRROAR!!!

Raven Below: He loves birdees! He's forever pointing out when we drive past birds, wether it's black swans, ravens or other avarian friends we happen across.

Labyrinth Below: a picture of her baby sister, Monika, and further below a card she made for her cousin's birthday.

Labyrinth Below: I've been checking out a few websites on sustainable living and wishing I could get the money for a block and dreaming about how I'd build a house - and this is how it's translating to the children - Labyrinth's drawn a farm she'd like to live on! Another obsession of the children is the PS2 and PS3. Because the controller is so big, even Raven has a problem holding it! Let alone poor Monika who so desperately wants to be one of the 'big kids'. So Labyrinth designed a baby controller that even the very young baby could use. Isn't she cute? What an idea! She wants to email this design to Sony so they can begin building them immediately!

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