View From My House

View From My House

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dante turns 8!

A half month on, unfortunately, here I am blogging about it! Such is life, at the moment. Very quick explanation before moving on, I have been diagnosed with Coeliac's Disease. I am starting a new blog about the recovery and an explanation of the disease here. The simple truth is that I have been too sick/lethargic/depressed (all symptoms) to get it together. I hope to be blogging at least weekly or more from now on though. Just because it is a requirement of homeschooling in Tassie. We are in fact considering a move to Victoria... and with that I still will blog but the requirements are far more flexible.

Dante's eighth birthday was celebrated with Nan at Richmond, on the green and a with a visit to the maze. It was a really, really great day, we had a picnic with rice balls and fruit. Nanny brought heaps of lollies and fruit for the children which was great too.

After our picnic, Dante got to choose an appropriate 'bear' from the Teddy Bear Shop, which was located on the green. Here they are with their presents. (Explanation: The birthday child gives a gift to each sibling so no one feels left out.)

Here's a pic of the birthday boy in his new clothes with his favourite gal. He really dotes on Monika. She's wearing her new clothes too. The cute story behind his choice of clothes is he wanted to pretend he was an office worker, all grown up. Too young to understand the implications of that, so it is simply tooties.

And here we have some photos from the Richmond Maze. We spent an hour exploring the maze and then we enjoyed a much deserved drink back at the cafe. The lovely guy who owns the maze/cafe used his calligraphy skills to write each of our names and to write a special birthday message to Dante.

Later that day we enjoyed a lovely steak and veges followed by a special kind of cake - a gluten free chocolate cake. It was very much enjoyed by all (excepting Labyrinth who has a mental distaste of anything that might be a bit alternative). They'll all be gluten free if Raven tests positive to Coeliac's Disease (or any do) in the next few months, then she'll really complain! But that is for the other blog!

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