View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fishing off the Rocks

Andrew and I decided to spend the day with Dante. We went fishing off the rocks at Bellrieve.
Straight up I caught (and Andrew help get him in - real fighter) the Gurnard. He's related to the Lion fish and quite a pretty boy. Dante's drawn a picture of him while we were having not much luck. Andrew, just before we decided to call it quits caught a cockie salmon on the fly. This is the first time I'd tried fly fishing and kept getting snagged. But it was a really enjoyable day even if it wasn't as productive as we'd of liked. Dante even did his bit for the environment and fished out all the naughty starfish he could find (about a dozen). We also explored the mussells and other shell fish life in the rock pools around about. It was fantastic! Dante really knows his stuff.

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