View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today at Quasior's Home School - Dissention

Up first though... some pics. Andrew took this one out in our backyard today of the mountain, you can see snow there... just... but the rainbow was so low and soooo beautiful.Above is Monika who didn't want to be dressed in her snow suit, and below is happily resigned to it.

Below is the model making Andrew is doing with the boys (Dante and Kai)...

Some HAIR photos... Raven with his hair up (so sweet) and the bigger boys with their mohawks, and one where Labyrinth wants to show us her pretty singlet...

This is Dante without a tube of gel in his hair...

Twas a bit of a learning experience, to be honest. We borrowed BBC The Planets from the library yesterday and realised not only was it way above them, it was about Scientists not Planets! We nearly watched the moon, and then tried another which lasted only several minutes. We were attempting to get Dante to 'get into' the idea of the solar system because he thinks its all boring and all he really wants to learn about is animals. CONFLICT of interests here! The other's are content to continue... So this will be an attempt over the next few days to get him interested. Wish me luck!

In the end we just did a heap of HOP which was fantastic! We really enjoyed it and Kai is now on the Red level, Dante is one lesson from being on master reader and Labyrinth IS on master reader. She also read half of a very small chapter book to Andrew today! Sunday was also about Andrew spending time with the bigger boys building models (see above).

As mentioned, we visited the library yesterday and exchanged books. I grabbed Babies! by Dr Green see if I can find any advice on my Monika issues... And a comic by Will Eisner.

In other news:

Over the last week I've been studying hard, yesterday I got an essay in, another assignment (not an essay thank the gods) on Friday and a personal essay due the following Friday. I am enjoying the idea of this... feeling very positive about it. The essay was all about the Ochre chapter in Victoria Finlay's Colour: Travels from the Paintbox... I am keen to get me a copy, but will need to wait I'm afraid, as next pay I've got it earmarked to become a member of Tasmanian Writer's Centre.

I have also been trying to get in contact with my elusive sister who has recently had a baby - and said baby is still in NICU... and catch up with old friends.
Andrew is great, for father's day he has picked out a model ship called the Yamato, a Japanese Warship, that he will build in both reality and the virtual world of the computer (3D Modelling). He seems to being improving BUT as always there is a but, he's had a headache of varying degrees and very nearly constantly for well over 3 weeks now.
That is all for now, may you, your family and your other loved ones be welll, Q.

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