View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quasior's been busy, very, bery busy

So much to do and so little time. We've been madly getting through our reading lessons, Kai has now jumped up to the green level which is the one before Master Reader. He's just flying, he did the red level in just under 2 weeks (that is 6 months worth?). Dante is up to lesson 8 in Master Reader, Blue. Labyrinth, lesson 5 same level. Raven just loves his little Dora books! We read them everyday but today he went to sleep straight after tea so we missed out! Poor little guy - he came into the study where I was listening to Dante read and he asked for his Dora book and I told him I'd be straight out after Dante had finished - which I was, but it was too late! He'd already crashed. SO he will be first tomorrow. A part of Monika's present is LeapFrog the first book reader thingy, so I'll be adding that to the daily list of things to do as a special thing for us to do as she just loves books so much and seems so interested when I'm doing reading lessons with the other children.

Monika is still taking steps and talking quite a bit, unfortunately at her check up today (I forgot they dropped the 12 month check up in the blue book but I'm so glad I got her checked out). Turns out she's actually dropped off her growth and weight (?) and shes closer to 70%ile as opposed to 90-97%. It appears to be due to the fact she's only been interested in breast milk for the last 6 months, the last two weeks have seen an increase in what she'll eat, but it's obviously not enough. So he wondered if I would give her liquid vitamins and try and force her to eat. I can only try, but she's healthy and walking now, and her milestones are better than average so is it all panic for nothing?

Last night Labyrinth stayed at her friends house and made a pizza and puff pastry treat, they played well. So the boys had a bit of a boys night in and didn't have to do any chores for last night and today. They enjoyed a picnic tea, a new DVD - Eragon, and then did some modelling with their father and some lovely spray art which I'll add in another post later with other art.

We're back to doing animals, to the children's wishes. They are doing quite well. if interested. *Free*

Well, that's it for now, there isn't any more, (lots happening for me - but for some other time), Q.

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