View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time marches on... I'm S*L*A*C*K

Officially Monika's very first picture! I think she was very sweet doing this, and it helped to keep her occupied while the other's worked...
Below is their cat day stories: (in order of Labyrinth, Dante and Kai)

Below is grade 2 math colour by addition from (please make more of these wonderful things!)

These worksheets were requested by Dante (Labyrinth requested cats). He specifically wanted to learn about the Amazon River dolphin, so we learnt about them from this site and coloured in these dolphins (all different shades of pink because the darker/murkier the water the pinker they are!) We also learnt about bottlenosed dolphins from and we labeled them accordingly. (In order is Raven, Labyrinth, Kai and Dante's dolphins respectively).

(Raven, Labyrinth, Kai and Dante's bottle nosed dolphin labeled pictures in order.
They have been enjoying animals again, they are leading the learning and this is what they want!
We have been working very hard, both Dante and Labyrinth have been enjoying Master Reader (HOP), and Kai is halfway through the red level now !! Raven has been 'reading' along with me with his Dora the Explorer phonics books and now we are up to the second box of books *yay* ! We do read together freqently and now I feel they are gaining their literacy stars. It feels great to know they are achieving and exactly what they are achieving - OK a fair sight better than any school makes a parent aware anyway.
Other news: Monika is very nearly walking (and just shy of her first birthday! Slacker! ) We had a lovely BBQ with our family at Montrose Park (which has changed sooo much since I used to hang out there.. um another day perhaps, NOT!) It was lovely, Monika is very confident, and so is all of them really, playing well with their cousins... and they are now homeschooling too! Andrew's moods are improving. Other than that I've been in pain but I'm not going into that - very embaressing. They have been doing lots of art for cards etc and the boys are still doing modelling with their Dad. YAY.
Be well until next time, Q.

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