View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Art and Craft Day

Today was all about drawing and sculpting modelling clay - just for fun! Here is the results: Below Dante's working drawing of 3 amphibians, Brinnies T-Rex, Dante's finished amphibian piece.

Labyrinth's squirrel, and pregnant rabbit below, followed by Kai's working drawing elephant and Labyrinth's working drawing.

Below is Kai's final drawing of an elephant, followed by Raven's drawing.

Below is an amphibian that Dante drew and cut out, and below that is Labyrinth's craft doll (she actually made that with a friend of hers on Monday when they came to visit).

The following is a lesson led by Andrew with modelling clay. First up is a mouse he's made

Dante's made a nautilus, and fish
Labyrinth's two birds in a nest sharing a tree
Kai has made an octopus
Random images that Kai's made and cut out:
Raven's Egg
Andrew made these slugs

In progress:

We also played games too today, so it was an emphasis on fun and enjoyment!
It was a fantabulis day *) Q.

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