View From My House

View From My House

Friday, September 12, 2008

SPRING is here.... and Pocket Money!

Today was a great day! It was like having a birthday for all the kids. As previously mentioned, they are allowed an extra $10 when they finish off a level of Hooked on Phonics, and guess what, they all did (bigger 3). Raven and I finished of phonics box number 1, Dora the Explorer, and yesterday Monika took her first steps! Here is what they brought (with their normal pocket money combined). A black hawk for Kai, Monika got her Upsy Daisy, Dante Ben Ten's UpChuck and add on wild seas which is a part of a huge set he got last christmas, Labyrinth has her 'twin' Bratz Babyz dressed in brand new clothes and she also got a minature Bratz Kidz today, and Raven got his Diego Rescue truck set with howler monkey.

Also had a very positive day as I am now getting help to be a carer and I had a counselling session today *). Fingers are firmly crossed I might be able to get help in paying for my training in Kindermusik! I might be able to get an income and support our family. YAY. Lots of positive happy things today, including a happy Andrew, the newest box set of Dexter which we are both enjoying, and of course young Monika is walking. Stuff the cliche I LOVE SPRING! Sing it from the roof tops!!!!

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