View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labyrinth Turns Nine *)

And so Labyrinth is happy as she got her skateboard (and safety gear), a skating reader which includes tips, a new Baby Bratz, a pair of snow shoes and some Bratz books including one which helps her to make her own magazine from Mum and Dad and brothers and sister. As always (as mentioned before in family traditions - to eliminate family rivalry) the birthday child gives gifts to her siblings. Dante recieved a Rainbow Fish riddle book and shark, Kai a Dig n Glow Dinosaur Egg, Raven a Thomas the Tank Engine numbers game and Edward train, and Monika a Splash! book and they all recieved chocolate or chips (as Kai won't eat choc). This all happened early morning, and later we enjoyed a BBQ with beautiful weather at the park as you can see in the photos:

Raven's pic above deserves a special mention... as he suffers from a type of albinoism, he really needs to wear his hat and glasses (the light actually hurts his eyes) and while he'd prefer to stay indoors he has in the past refused to wear his hat and glasses.. so this is most definately an improvement !!

This is the only problem I have with homeschooling (at least down here in Tassie) - there isn't any friends for my poor darlings! I know they are young yet and the best place for them is at home, but she would have dearly loved to share the day with a lovely friend! Hopefully it will happen through other avenues eventually.
For tea we had a visit from Nan and Pop (my parents) who spoilt the children with lollies, chippies and bubbles, and gave to Labyrinth Baby Bratz lil Petz (looks like some kind of mutant plant) and a Bratz Rock Angelz lunchbox and drink set.
They all enjoyed the day, excepting the fact Labyrinth hassled Dante til point of tears over the fact she didn't have to help with chores and he did.
That's it really, Q.

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