View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art and Words

The last week has been very busy in our little homeschool, making up for lost time. We have sadly been up against a brick wall with maths, so we are looking into options, one of which is Hooked on Math, as we have been so pleased with how Hooked on Phonics has happened. Reading is wonderful! Dante and Labyrinth are progressing through the green book, Kai ploughing through the orange and Raven has been 'reading' his new set of Dora phonics books from Scholastic. We got the three programs for $49 and he has been sooo pleased.

Below is Raven's drawings...

This is Kai's Croc.
A Raven and Kai collaborative effort.
Dante's Cheetah in hot pursuit of prey.

Labyrinth has been writing more into her art works. Below states "The cat is asleep. The cat woke up hungry!"

Here are some worksheets sourced from, which are teaching all about Compound Words. It also gets them writing... Below first two are Labyrinths, Dante and Kai in order below those. There writing is coming along marvellously.

Now here's a thing. Below was an attempt on my behalf to try and get them to do working drawings, building up to doing a piece that could have been collage or 3D images etc, but they didn't get it but some beautiful work happened anyway. Below is Labyrinth's Fairy Delivery, Dante's Dinosaur and Kai's Elephant at the waterhole.

Here is some work they've done quite early in the week. I simply allowed them to do as they wished, and this is what they have produced. Raven, followed by Labyrinth, Dante and Kai.

Naturally, this isn't all they've been doing. They have also been playing music together with the musical instruments. They've done various cooking including breadmaking and meal making. We've been steadily going through the English workbooks, there is less than a fortnight left in those for them. We've looked at bats and elephants and crocodiles (also sourced from I really want to get a paying membership there, but when we can afford it. I am saving the homeschool money towards getting Hooked on Math or perhaps MathsUSee, I'm just not sure yet. Again, I'm not concerned about their slowness in Math, they aren't silly they just need another approach and I don't have a few hundred dollars to throw at a number of approaches, I wish I did.
They are better behaved, we're doing more studies, they are enjoying stuff more. Thank you 1,2,3 Magic!
As for Terrific Toddlers, I have read through it and realised it isn't an approach I want to take. My children won't be "trained", they will learn through living, delight and experiment. They are allowed autonomy, freedom to choose to like different things, to celebrate their individuality. So if anyone would like my copy, drop me a comment in the comments section and tell me how it will benefit their children I'll send it right along. Please include your email so I can get back to you.
Other news:
Monika is standing up for longer periods and is walking with assistance, but not quite willing to take the plunge yet.
Raven is speaking! He still can't tell colours yet (I so hope his albinoism hasn't made him colour blind).
Kai is frustrated about having to pitch in with chores still and thinks I'm a bully because I ask him to do some things!
Dante is happy and content for the most part.
Labyrinth is struggling still, but far happier and quite willing to work and progress in her learning.
Andrew's bipolar seems to be improving somewhat. He's less depressed but a bit manic.
My chest infection/asthma is slowly coming under control. I am starting to feel somewhat normal again.
My dad is back from hospital, but still very sick. Can't see him because I might send him back to hospital with complications from my illness. My mum is OK doing her usual which is drive me nuts with ringing me up and demanding my time when I'm trying to do lessons and off load vast quantities of food on us. Not that I mind it just can be a bit much when she rings 5 times in one day, I know she cares, but geez!
That's all for now, tomorrow is payday so I probably won't be a bloggin' tomorrow - unless Monika starts walking that is! Q.

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