View From My House

View From My House

Friday, August 22, 2008

A better outlook today... and lots to catch up on!!

Pics as always up first....
Above is my very beautiful, very demanding little baby girl. What's not to love? Right now she is in her Jolly Jumper, screaming for attention, but when else will I get to blog? I'm afraid she'll have to wait her turn :( Below is a picture Dante drew that was after his painting. Basically, I've been teaching them about artistic practice and working drawings. The only one who has any clue is Dante. Long story short, this is his drawing inspired by his painting below. But it's no loss really - they've all done beautiful paintings anyway... other things will come later with maturity I'm sure...

The Chocolate Cake (sourced from Cadbury's site). Made from scratch, YUMMO! The kids had a great time, and as some of it was a chemical reaction to bicarb and heat, a neat science lesson too!
So here is the paintings: Kai, Labyrinth, Raven and Dantes great work!

Below a lizard drawing by Dante, followed by a short story and picture by Kai about riding in the park.

Here is a math's excerise that they have done, colour by addition, of butterflies, sourced from somewhere I most definately need to add to my list of things to purchase for homeschooling. They used thier cuisenaire rods to complete these little pictures.

I'm afraid that's it for now, I'd love to blog more but I can barely stand her screaming to me (and she usually won't go to Andrew for comfort). So, I might get to actually put some words with pictures next time... nighty night, Q.

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