View From My House

View From My House

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here we are again

I'm showing you bare minimum. But it is a cute bare minimum! Its art from the last few days...
Below is two drawings that followed a rather sweet conversation I had with Dante while Kai listened in. We were discussing the wonders of octopuses, and how intellegent they are and how cunning. Here Dante has drawn one getting into a bottle to get a prized crab to eat. Kai has drawn a similar picture below.

Last week my sister had a new baby, and here is some cards that Dante and Labyrinth have made for him. Unfortunately the new baby is still in hospital due to breathing issues, poor darling.

Above we have a picture Dante has drawn about his strong desire to go camping. I only wish we had the equipment! Below is some pictures from Raven.

Labyrinth has drawn a story board in the segments of beginning, middle and end. Her picture is also about wishful thinking about camping.
The sad reality is we are really not financially able to right now. I'd love to buy a campervan or caravan or bus.... travel maybe or just have holidays around our state....
Oh, I'm so over being so poor, but what can you do?
Back to educational updates. We're about 4 or 5 days from completion of our basic english book. We are not doing HOP right now, we've been enjoying books a heap though, including a trip to the library today. We're also slack with math, as we've been desperately been trying to get our house in order due to our ill health and what happens when everyone is down for the count. But I do see we are overcoming slowly! We've purchased colourful buckets in order to separate each of the children's toys, so they only have to worry about their own for now.
I've had to do a small assignment for Uni too... about personal essays... and devices to make them 'sellable'.
Other news: Monika is still not walking, but she is standing a lot more. She is saying more words. She is a stirer! She wont say Mum unless she is in distress - she calls me Dad.
Raven is loving his new Dora the Explorer phonics books. He just loves the attention too.
Kai, I really need to spend some good time with Kai - he is just a stormy little guy!
Dante is good, he's a great little man who loves Monika so much its just so sweet.
Labyrinth is OK, she still hurts herself a bit, always on her arms or legs is wounds that are healing... its despairing. I need to get her into something for fun. I'd like to get them all into martial arts actually, but the money issue.
Andrew is having problems, as always. He is still not good with his meds, no happy medium yet.
Me. I'm always in pain, always slogging away sometimes feels like I'm drowning and wondering to myself how the hell did I get myself here....?
Well, I have more to post, but that will wait until tomorrow.
Cheers, Q.

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