View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fine Art about the house...Part 2

Raven: Firstly this picture directly below is one Raven brought into me just now, demanding to show me "ME"! So, this is Raven's first attempt at a person (himself) and was so excited as he knew it was himself!

Raven's Dora - he made this picture online by himself, printed it by himself and drew all over it by himself!
Raven's bug? and beyond...

Kai's The rocket stops, or before translation The Wokcit Stops. Pretty good attempt at spelling for a preschooler!

Caterpillar drawn by both Kai and Raven:

Above is an Army scene by Kai, and the following two pictures are Kai's symbol and Dante's butterfly done by the spray art kit.

Above is another collaborative effort between Kai and Raven. Dinosaur!
Below is Dante's Rambuctious Reptiles followed by Boat and Fish.

A cute scene by Kai above and LLL From Kai or Love from Kai to his Poppy (who was rushed to hospital with an infection this week).

The following are all Labyrinths. She made a "DVD of the Bratz", which shes drawn, folded and cut out the "disc".

Above is Princess Bannana Peel, and below is Wolfie (our cat). Further below is a butterfly colour in she did at the local library.

Below is her birthday card she made to her little brother Raven.

I'm not sure about this scene, but it gives me the creeps a bit. Like some old war movie with barbed wire scratching about in the wind with once happy places like a cathedral, the buildings in the background old euro style... what do you think?

Above Labyrinth decided to go freestyle with the spray art... YAY... and made a Raven.
Above is "An ant was in an ant hill and bee was in a hive." Cute! And below is her card to her Poppy.

Above is The Vampire with whom she shares a passionate interest with, as do I and Andrew.
As for studies this last week, excepting for Thursday onwards as that is when I seriously come down with my affliction... now becoming better but hell do I hurt/ache in the chest/stomach regions. Master Reader by Hooked on Phonics arrived in the mail. They are very excited now to all rush through so they can start on the meatier reading. I don't mind at all about that! Raven is still learning colours and shapes... we brought some new books to encourage this. He knows his ABCs and numbers though. Monika is speaking quite a few words now, walking around furniture and standing on her own. Definately do more here next week, I'm on the mend, all looking up, Q!

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