View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photos and Art

Labryinth with her Red Panda


Kai with a SMILE

So cute! They got this all ready themselves and it's so sweet! Monika and Raven.

Labyrinth's Butterflies

Dante's Devil

Raven's Frogs. We've been studying amphibians.

Raven's Trees with birds, apples, bees and farm house.

We're still ill from that nasty flagyl. Monika's always got a bleeding bottom from the heat caused by the big D, we use creams and change her often but it only makes it only just bareable for her. Others still suffering are Dante, Andrew and myself besides Monika. The children have been doing lots of natural learning, watching David Attenborough's Life in Cold Blood, drawing, reading and doing some lessons. Actually, yesterday they went out of Fit'N'Fun with their Carer. They went to the Evolution exhibition a few weeks ago which they really enjoyed.

Personally while I've been ill I've been catching up on reading, I've almost completed the Pliocene Exile series by Julian May, which is the first time I've read it. I've also read this year her Galatic Milieu series and Intervention (first time for Intervention). So I've got about 1/8th of The Adversary to go. The children and I and sometimes Andrew bursts out into song at any given moment. At the moment we're enjoying the various dark versions of well known songs in this lovely book:
Rather cutely, Raven has been telling us he is learning "Scary" at the moment with an angelic glee in his eyes, fallen angel that is. I'm not going very well in the weaning process either. I don't know how to go about it, if I even want to! I get guilts even thinking about it. Maybe I could go without the wretched anti-depressants altogether. Labyrinth and Dante have gotten into InuYasha lately, and Ranma 1/2.... Oh, and enjoyed watching Stealing Beauty.
Not to mention Andrew has really gotten into the idea of getting a block of land as soon as we possibly can!
Some things are really really good right now!

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