View From My House

View From My House

Friday, June 19, 2009

Drawing and Monsters

Wow, what a week! We've barely stopped to catch our breath... My mother needed some emotional support this week, after all she's done for me its but all I could do. Labyrinth and Andrew have had psychiatrist appointments, we've done antique shopping and visited the new pet shop in New Norfolk twice, but there won't be another visit. Here is but a few drawings that the children have been up to, and a few of the lessons we did. The next two are Labyrinth's art work, and while we are on the subject of Labyrinth, she suprised me, I asked her a few multiplication/division questions, she got them all right! I don't think she's behind that much at all really. Once the concept of a thing is understood by Labyinth, its just there in her brain, until clicking she just can't do it. Oh, for the lack of formal maths learning we do, it is an amazing testament to natural learning! As you can see her drawing and colouring in are advancing too.
The next four pictures were drawn by Dante, followed by some of his writing. This is true, I tried my hardest to get them writing at the beginning of the year, it was a struggle, they just didn't want to... so I didn't push, now that we've started again it's af if we were doing formal writing lessons all that time. Oh, its wonderful to see them enjoy what they do. The writing is his experience of buddy camp.

This is young Raven's lesson, he wants to learn all things scary, so I've given him work that bends to this theme. Oh, a young goth in the making! Or EMO!

Above and below two are Kai's work. He had hardly put pen to paper without being asked, but he's definately improving even if he hasn't been too interested. (He's main interests are computer games, which he easily plays with the ability of the average adult. He can do stuff I can't do and find things in his army games that Andrew hasn't found, for example).

Next is Monika's work. She does stuff on paper sometimes too! The only issue I have is once drawn she'll rip it to pieces, so its the rare one I get to keep. It's sometimes too late to stop her, she's quick! She speaks well for her age, and I suspect she would be toilet trained by now if it weren't for winter. She can name most things on her body, knows when she wants to go and complains when she has gone. She has done a wee or two on the toilet too, and a poo in Raven's potty once.
The rest belong to Raven. I love how he seems to capture emotions. He draws many monsters.

The last one here shows he is distinguishing between male and female now in his drawings. He deliberately used more eyes on the third and second last as they were monsters (all of them have sharp teeth, some have claws, noticable fangs. The first is sea creatures, the second is of dinosaurs. He loves dinosaurs, particularly T-Rex because he's a RAAA dinosaur. He's requested a T-Rex and art materials for his birthday, which is coming up early next month, he'll be 4.
Monika is even getting into scary. She requests me to read the 'scary' books, such as Sipping Spiders through a Straw and Where the Wild Things Are, Meg and Mog books etc. Then again, if she's not drawing she's got a book in hand. She occasionally gets out her babies - she loves her red panda beany bear and her upsy daisy wooden doll. She also has an upsy daisy soft doll but she just throws her down if you try getting her to play. Her prefered method of play is wrestles and running around or dancing. She'll also dig in the garden rather than use the play equipment but she does love swings/slides. She's a good climber too. Oh, and she loves having nail polish on. To my dismay, their child carer put her in face paint and painted her toe and finger nails one day, and now she loves it. Such a girly girl. We never had one of those before!
Thats it for now. I am going to check on my seedlings tomorrow, we've been watering them but I'm still so worried about them!

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