View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art, Flowers and Butterflies

First is Raven's People drawing, followed by Monika's drawing, directly below is Kai's African landscape (we've been discussing various habitats), and Kai's Panda Bear.

Below is Dante's Tiger, Fish and Elephant Nose Fish:

Here are the Butterlies! In order descending, Raven, Kai, Dante and Labyrinth:

Here we have some flowers, in descending order: Raven, Monika, Kai, Dante and Labyrinth.

In short, our week has been wrecked with the havoc of Flagyl. I ended up being allergic, while the first half of the week was fraught with symptoms similar to being glutened, I then woke up with an extreme break out of hives. Needless to say there was less study going on than I'd would have liked, but this was a known possibility that at least tummy upsets would prevent much in the way of lessons. What I can say is we've finished Private Life of Plants and have moved on to Life In Cold Blood. We've checked out Turtles/Tortoises so far. The children have been doing a lot of art, as well as some lessons. We've been gardening too. So it hasn't been a complete write off and their in home carer has to put up with their extreme grumpiness/fragileness/unwellness due to the Flagyl while I catch up with study, blog and scrap!

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