View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a very quick update

There's some changes happening, very exciting!
We'll be embarking on a new long unit concerning Legend, Myth, Folklore and Fairytales from around the world. I guess its partly inspired by Steiner education, partly to inspire the children to be immersed in the wonderful world of story that is part of as many cultures as possible. As we study each mini unit, we'll complete a lapbook, do various activities to bring alive the stories using whatever the story inspires us to do and mark it onto a location on a map, defining it by type, and reference to location of the corresponding lapbook.

The following few weeks will be dedicated to Greek and Roman Mythology. Labyrinth will get a chance to learn about the meaning of her name, however well leave Dante's to modern Italy (Inferno).

The littlest are very much enjoying ABC Reading Eggs (we are using a free trial and brought the first kit). We use Muzzy too. The older children will still be doing the everyday basics the 3 Rs of course, but Andrew has decided they are ready to begin to learn computer programming skills, and start blogging and fundamental web building skills, so with any luck you might be seeing a bit more of them!

Other than that I've been sick probably due to my lower immunity due to my arm, won't find out if I need surgery until Tuesday which will hopefully put many concerns/queries to rest.
I am finding this so slow! I wish I could use a voice recognition for this blog!

Anyway, until nect time, Q.


A Frugal Welcome... said...

I forgot to ask in one of your earlier posts, what is it that you're studying via distance?

Hope you don't need surgery for your arm.

Quasior (A. Harris) said...

Hi Frugal... I'm studying Communications after nearly completein creative industries (creative writibg).

Thanks, I'd prefer no surgery either, but I finally found out tommorrow! Q