View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging.... and stuff

Its pretty nuts around here at the moment, while I have recovered enough to be typing again (Yes, real broken bone, but easily recoverable, no operation/cast just therapy - it was a cracked radial head = LUCKY!), there have been other issues.
I've been heavily asthmatic since breaking my arm, and flu/gastro has ravaged the house. It hasn't been pretty. Raven, as usual, has suffered the greatest and the longest. Poor little tacker.
On an upper note, we have started our myth/legend unit... we're discovering The Greeks right now. How niave I've been not to realise we owe so much to these very sophisticated, hugely intelligent and innovative people. Theatre, style of governance, free thinking, sport, recreation, religion that is intergrated throughout everything and of course philosophy.
I'm yet to get back into scanning/taking pics. That will be sooner than later now. The children are all starting thier own blogs, the youngest two will be doing photo/video blogs while the older two can show off their skills they are yet to learn on other forms of blogging as well as those types. Just set those blogs up today, yet to make posts, but at least they are ready minus pics - which will also arrive soon.
Labyrinth is turning 10 on Thursday, and we'll celebrate at home then on Saturday we'll be having a greater family bbq, inviting the cousins etc. The weather is totally unpredicatable, so we shall see how that happens.
I'm sorry to have been so lame about getting blogs up, but that should now be a past issue now my arm is this much recovered, cheers, Q.

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