View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I feel like an idiot... Hey no different!!!

I've gone and broken my arm! Never before have I broken a bone, could feel much worse but there you go...

Was walking towards the van on a cement path, must have stepped off the path slightly and whoosh the tire was coming at me then i flopped onto my back and couldn't feel my arm, initially just felt my leg... quite grazed and bruised. Was thinking, didn't bother me as a child, big deal, happens. trying to use my arm noticed it wasn't working at all properly, hurt like hell if I moved it in a particular way but if I nursed it, it wasn't so bad.

I went about my appointments and shopping anyway. Andrew inspected it and decided I needed a doctor... Normal GP busy, so off the after hours dr who examined me briefly deciding I needed X-Rays so off to ER. There I seen an ols aquaintence and her poor preety toddler girl having a good play waiting... turns out she choked on food it got into her lungs, infext and give her pnemonia. Poor lass!

After a brief wait I got X-Rays (without pain relief)... couldnt get a clear image. Much, much, much later (after another suspected fracture goes home without a break during this time), Im finally taken into the after hours clinic to be seen by nurse and doctor who determines that most likely I have a fracture in my Radial head as I have limited movement in my twist and extension movements and no strength in my grip. Go home with heavy pain killers and await the mercy of the orthopedic clinic... maybe a week of waiting! They will do CT and/or MRI to decide if I need surgery then. Otherwise I'm in a sling, uncomfy!

So, please be forgiving if I'm slack, have lots to do like Uni/home educate and one hand typing is very slow! Q.

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