View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Weeks Worth of Art

Labyrinth's Art:

Dante's Art:

Kai's Art:

Raven's Art:

Not much to say. We've been busy madly getting things finished off, catching up on washing, trying in vain to make sense of our lives that kind of thing. Not much luck really, on any part, it seems we move 3 steps forward we go backwards in quadruplicate. Really, really trying to move ahead, this has had to wait for one big go and it isn't all of it, that would have been nearly impossible. Anyways, of the three Australiana pieces (Labyrinth's idea), the ones with text, here's what they say:
Labyrinth: The kookaburra sits in a tree in the forest and there was a kangaroo.
Dante: The dingo went hunting for two marsupial rats.
Kai: The ANZACS fought for freedom for all Australians.
Well, that's about it, hopefully the following week will me more productive, fruitful and happy.

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