View From My House

View From My House

Monday, October 6, 2008

Organising, rearranging and otherwise painfully occupied

Above: The Christmas Tree we used to have (before we moved interstate)
Above: The Christmas Tree (minus the crappy lights/ornaments - think silver and blues/purples) we will be having this year!!!
Yup. It's been a bit like that. Over the weekend, I reboxed my Hopped on Phonics boxes (they are currently in storage for Raven and Monika now)! Whoo-hoo! Too bad if that is patented...

That obviously means I've got 3 children doing the Master Reader course now.

We've been doing our animal unit and learning about penguins and kangaroos today. Raven has started writing! Just simple shapes of letters, but still, fantastic!

I've also put a whole heap of the art and worksheets away into their folders, and believe me they are positively bulging. Monika now needs her own as she does a drawing here and there now (and looking so cute as she walks everywhere now, never crawls anymore.)

Things are looking positive with Andrew's health too.

It's just me really, I've got a sore mouth and had to go on anti-biotics to kill a minor infection in my BIG gaping hole. Ouchy!

So, I'm out to completely rearrange the readers to be semi-friendly and semi-keep them safe from roughness. Good readers, not boring Sally and Bob sat down...Sally and Bob sat and sat etc You know the type....

Actually Labyrinth has a reader (as previously mentioned) on proper skate board techniques etc, and Dante of course non fiction fishy business. But they also have Nemo, Kung-Fu Panda and other such stuff they seem to like.

Tonight was great though, we sat down as a family with Tea, Atlantic Salmon with hand made chippies and fresh, steamed vegetables and watched a new Anime episode that Labyrinth introduced us to called... Fruits Basket. And I'm so glad she did, it was too cute. Later we will be making stones or something like it, maybe Fimo, into the 'signs of the zodiac' for fun.

OH! I can't forget this, oh no no no!!! We picked up a great Christmas Tree from BigW - the classic goth tree (we used to have a pure whitey but this is beautiful...) - it is a perfectly black tree. We also got a few silver ornaments, but we intend to make the rest, as we do I'll blog 'em naturally. Until next time, Q.

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