View From My House

View From My House

Friday, October 3, 2008

In Recovery

Nasty tooth extraction! I have a sore mouth - no excuse not to blog really...
Yesterday we met up with a few fellow homeschoolers, who were great. We had a little get together at a bush family style cafe.
A visit today from my sister and her two littlies.
Other than that we have been doing our Animal studies unit.
We watched Spiderwick Chronicles (the kids absolutely loved it, particularly Labyrinth who is soo into that sort of thing and now has the attention span to enjoy it).
Considering a puppy for christmas, and lots of other decisions weighing in on my poor bewildered brain.
Not spent much time near my computer, unfortunately, as we've been so flat out.
Some nice people from freecycle gave us a bed :) made entirely from wood. It's beautiful.
We have brought some plants so we will be doing gardening soon as this weather settles itself down a bit. Wind - rain - wind and more wind.
Other than that wishing we had more money and looking forward to hopefully working next year...
Monika prefers to walk now, and Dante had an ear infection, looks like Raven is ill. Not to mention Raven has grown 3 cm in 6 weeks, one cm in one week! He's catching up!
That's all for now, I'll do a better job next time when my poor mouth isn't so sore and I'm not so tired.

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